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Rasic to IS: "Turkey? The right choice"

Esclusive interiview with one of the most important players of serbian team, who reached last september her first qualification to the Olympic Games
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Born in 1990, she's held many individual awards and some important medals. Milena Rasic is one of the players who have contributed to bringing Serbia to Olympic Games in Rio. With the maturity of a senator, she agreed to reveal some passages of her brilliant career to Intervista Sportiva.

So young but already with great success behind. How did your passion for volleyball?
“Well, thanks a lot. As I always say, I am trying to improve more day by day. I love volleyball on the same way as I started playing it. Even more now, because volleyball is our job and our life, not only mine but everyone volleyball player, of course. I think that passion is one of the most important element for those who do sports”.

In the 2010-2011 season, you get to the Racing Club de Cannes. Can you tell us the 4 years spent in the French Riviera, sweetened by numerous medals?
“My four seasons in Cannes will stay in my heart like one of the best memories, for sure. I enjoyed a lot there, I met a lot of people with whom I am still good friends and in excellent relations, in fact, every chance I got, I used to go there and visit them. I am happy that all of those four seasons there were really successful: we took Championship and French Cup and also we were 2nd on Final Four of Champions League in the 2011/2012 season. That was something huge for RCC and me, and I'll remember it always".

Last season you moved to Turkey, to defend the colors of VakıfBank. Many people say the Turkish League is one of the most competitive championship in the world. Do you agree with this statement?
“I can agree that Turkish League is the one of the strongest in the world. That was one of the reason why I came here to play. And now I know I made a really good decision. I feel lucky to play in VakifBank, one of the biggest club all around Europe, and the world".

With the Vakıfbank have reached the F6 of the Champions League, beating in the return match Eczacibasi with the result 3-0. Now you await Volero Zurich, what are your feelings towards the European competition and the game will be?
“The match against Eczacibasi was really tough. I am very happy that we made it, and we qualified for F6. Volero Zurich is a strong team, they have really strong players. We are getting ready for them, we are focused on that game. We have enough time to get in really good shape and go out on the court more than ready”.

Important medals also came with the shirt of your country, Serbia. The last one was the silver medal won in Japan in September 2015, which has given you the access to the Rio Olympics. You are one of the key points of this national. What do you expect from this first Olympics?
“Yes, last summer in the National Team was pretty hard. Four competitions in a row and 3 medals won. And after all of that, the ticket for Rio. We had a good atmosphere, we stayed together till the end of summer, and that was the key of success we had last year. We have a lot of time to get ready for Olimpics but, for sure, we'll give our best on that competition".

How is Milena off the field?
“I don't have that much free time, but whenever I can, I go out with my friends for coffee, dinner, or we go to cinema to relax a little bit. I like to be surrounded by people, so I always chose some kind of hanging out with my friends. That makes me really relaxed.”
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